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FashionFix Featured in Inside Tucson Business

Fashion Fix owner has passion for fashion

Entrepreneur sets out to help save women money and time, while helping them look better, too!

Posted: Friday, April 3, 2015 4:00 am

Alan M. Petrillo, Special to Inside Tucson Business

Jo Young has taken two different career paths — fashion stylist and educator — and turned 

them into an Oro Valley business that counsels women on current clothing and accessory style trends, and advises them on what works best for their particular situation.

Through Fashion Fix, Young does what she calls “Closet Crashes,” which she said, “Is especially for he woman who doesn’t really know where to start with her wardrobe or someone in transition who needs a new wardrobe.”

Besides Closet Crashes, which are one-on-one consultations, Young also does personal shopping  jaunts with clients. 

“With personal shopping, the client gets individual attention so I can assure her a perfect fit and make sure she gets the stylish outcome that she’s looking for,” Young said.

Young also offers an exclusive La Petite Boutique, which is a preview for serious shoppers of clothing and accessories that will be featured in a Fashion Fix Pop Up Boutique held shortly thereafter.

“With La Petite Boutique, we treat the event like a designer showroom,” Young pointed out. “I give special attention about various items, how to use them, and offer ideas on how to use the clothes and accessories. La Petite Boutique is by appointment only, and we offer those attending wine and chocolate or tea and cookies, depending on their preference.”

The Pop Up Boutiques are held four times a year, Young said, at different locations around the Tucson metropolitan area. She noted that those who attend usually are included on her “invitation list,” to which she adds interested persons regularly.

“Sometimes I get referrals from clients who attend the boutiques, but anyone who would like to be on the invitation list should call my mobile number 979-1416 or email me at,” she said.

Young said the trend for this year leans toward lace, fringe and crochet.

“It’s all very up-market in the look,” she pointed out. “I found some overlay tops with a camisole look, and statement pieces that can be added to clothing, like pins, necklaces and scarves. I recently found a lace extender worn under a top to make the top look longer.”

Debbie Elver, a certified public accountant in midtown Tucson, has had Young as a business client for a number of years.

“After she started Fashion Fix and told me about the Closet Crash, I said to her, ‘I need that help,’” Elver said. “Jo came to my home and talked to me about the styles that are best for my body shape, and had me go through my closet and identify what I couldn’t live without, what I could, and the ‘maybe’ pieces of clothing.”

Elver said she doesn’t like to shop, so she has made random clothes purchases over the years.

“Jo goes into your closet with you and in my case, created brown and black sets of clothing for me,” Elver noted. “We weeded out what didn’t work for me and got rid of more than half the clothes in my closet. What’s left, I’ve worn in many combinations and have received many compliments on my clothes.”

Elver said her first Closet Crash worked so well, she had Young come back a second time for two hours worth of personalized styling advice.

“It was well worth it to maximize what I already had instead of going out and buying more clothes,” Elver said.

Deborah Ann Sweezy, a mural artist formerly of Oro Valley and now a Foothills resident, said that having Young consult on her clothes has been a creative influence for her work.

“I’ve been to all of Jo’s boutiques,” Sweezy said. “She has a very creative eye and gives her customers an individual personality with their clothing. With me, she tried for a casual sophisticated elegance. I found I can accessorize a plain black dress for the office, church, or with some other accessories for dinner.”

Sweezy added that Young’s offerings “are very comfortable with my pocketbook because she tries very hard to make the best possible purchase for the right amount of money.”

Young said that with a Closet Crash visit, she tries to find at least nine articles of clothing in the client’s closet that reflect their body and fashion personality.

“With those nine items, I show them how they can make 30 outfits out of them,” Young said. “Often, 30 to 50 outfits are the result of one Closet Crash.”

Sweezy intends on continuing to attend Fashion Fix boutiques.

“Jo can take care of you from head to toe,” Sweezy said. “She has the ability to set you apart.”

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